Our family at the gum wall in Seattle, Aug. 2016.

I’m a writer, editor, wife and mom. I’ve lived in Asia and America, and I’ve visited many places in between. I’ve brushed elbows with the wealthy and powerful and looked into the eyes of oppression and poverty. I’ve climbed volcanoes in the Philippines, toured palaces in South Korea, and ridden elephants in Thailand. I’ve listened to and shared the stories of orphans in Manila, a young mother in Bangalore, North Korean refugees, and exploited women and children Thailand. Their stories changed my life.

Today I live in Richmond, Virginia. Although many things have changed, one thing has not: I still love to write and talk about the things that matter most to me, mainly making Jesus known among the billions who have yet to hear.

Years ago, my oldest daughter best summed up our family’s approach to life:

“Go and teach all nations, and have fun along the way.”

At this point in my life, I’m not really “going and teaching.” I’m doing a lot more resting and waiting, but I’ve found that standing still and letting God do His thing is a pretty cool thing to watch. And yes, I am still having fun along the way.

Travel light and wear comfortable shoes.