Travel light: Wounded

“Jacob went on his way, and God’s angels met him.” 

Genesis 32:1
Through detours and false steps, Abraham still managed to pass his faith to Isaac who passed it to Jacob. In each generation, God reveals himself, calling us to journey with Him. 
Jacob’s life also involved detours caused by his own deception. On his return to Canaan, Jacob was no longer the deceiver. Fourteen years of indentured servitude and warring wives had left their mark. Humbled by his years with Laban, he prepared to meet Esau, his twin whom he had defrauded of his birthright and his father’s blessing.
Like Jacob, our experiences humble us. As Christian workers in cross-cultural settings, we learn just how little we know. Cultural confusion, community drama, even political unrest may leave us off balance and feeling unprepared. 
Before Jacob could meet Esau, he first had to wrestle with God. God, in His grace and mercy, wrestles with us through our insecurities, our ignorance and our fear. The purpose of this wrestling is two-fold: to teach us to depend on Him and to help us face our enemies with the grace He provides. 
The wrestling will leave its mark, to be sure. Like Jacob, we may walk with a distinguishing spiritual  limp for the rest of our lives. Jesus called this “pruning” (John 15:2). But what a privilege to be marked by God as one who has fought through the hard questions and learned to trust Him more. 

This week’s reading: Genesis 30-47
Post #4: Discovering how to live missionally through a chronological reading of God’s Word.  



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