"Four" is here!

It’s here! “Four,” a collection of short stories by four different authors is available in print and for Kindle on AmazonMy story, “Freedom’s Path,” is about Nu, a Thai teenager living in a world of prostitution and drugs, who has practically given up on having a better life. When someone she cares about ends up in trouble, Nu is faced with a dangerous choice.

I had the privilege of working with Timothy Holder, D.A. Adams and Ashley Williams on this book. As editor, Tim cast the vision, set deadlines and offered helpful feedback. He is also a great writer and a good friend. I hope to have the opportunity to work with him again someday. 

I suppose there is a writer’s bond that develops when you work together on a project such as this. Even though I’ve never met D.A. or Ashley, I feel as if I know them. While we write from different perspectives, experiences and genre preferences, I enjoyed their stories and found them engaging and well-written. I look forward to seeing more from them! 

Of course, when you finish one project, it is time to begin another. My next, called Veldeme’s Chest, is in progress. It will be my first young adult novel. Set in Oak Ridge, Tenn., it  involves four teenagers, a long-dead German scientist and the formula for eternal life. I hope to have the draft finished by this summer. More to come …

And keep reading!



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