Review of "Out Live Your Life" by Max Lucado

In “Out Live Your Life” Max Lucado, the well-known writer and pastor of Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas, challenges Christians to move beyond their padded pews and stained-glass windows into the world God has called them to serve. Building on the trend among a younger generation of evangelical believers to embrace social justice issues, Lucado urges American Christians to reject the materialism so prevalent in today’s society and spend their time and money investing not just in causes but in people that are hurting. Lucado backs up his challenge with action of his own; he is donating 100% of his royalties from the sale of this book to World Vision and other ministries of faith-based compassion.

As always, Lucado’s book is Biblically-based, weaving Biblical narrative with modern illustrations in a storytelling style that is both compelling and comfortable. His study guide at the end of the book also makes this a good candidate for small group study. I highly recommend “Out Live Your Life.” Read it, digest it and act upon it. Allow God to use you to make a difference to those who are hurting. 

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