Walking and learning

Thanks all for your prayers as we continue to figure out how God is leading us in the red-light district. Today we went mid-afternoon to see if any of the girls we met a couple of weeks ago were available. The bar was closed and no one was around. We are trying to determine the best time to talk with the girls when we will not be interrupting their work. Remember, our goal is not keep them from working, but simply to share the Gospel through friendly conversation and build enough trust that they might be willing to talk with us more.

We also prayer-walked that area, along with another one nearby. We’re trying to determine where to go next, but it isn’t as evident as it was a couple of weeks ago. We’ll just keep praying and waiting. We also stopped by one place run by another Christian organization that offers childcare in the red-light district. We will go back next week to talk with them more.
In an interesting side note, as we were walking back to our car, a homeless man on crutches tripped and fell in front of us. My friend, Patti, saint that she is, stopped to help and he asked us to help him stand up. After we got him to his feet, he told us a little of his story in a mixture of Thai and English. Apparently he is Burmese and he was injured in some sort of vehicle accident. He asked where we are from and we told him we are from America. Then, again in a mixture of English, Thai and apparently Burmese, he said, “I believe in father. Do you believe in father?” and pointed above his head. After some confusing pointing and trying to make sure we understood what he was asking, we said, “Yes. We are followers of Jesus.” As it turned out, apparently, he is, too. He told us that even though he is homeless he is so happy because “die, never.” I’m not sure what to make of that encounter. I’ll even admit to a tad bit of skepticism. On the other hand, maybe he is supposed to remind me that regardless of our circumstances, Jesus is enough.
Continue to pray for the following:
– Wisdom, discernment and courage as we figure out our next steps
– A variety of upcoming meetings with potential partnering organizations, our strategy leadership and our local Thai advisors
– Thai women who can come alongside us. (We have a lead on two!)
– Softening of hearts and openness to the Gospel among those we encounter in the red-light district
– The salvation of exploited women and children in my city and beyond
Thanks so much for your prayers!

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