Be amazed … be very amazed …

“But Jesus said to them, ‘Only in his hometown and in his own house is a prophet without honor.’ And he did not do many miracles there because of their lack of faith.'” Matthew 13:57-58

Is it possible for us, as followers of Jesus to become so familiar with the presence of God in our lives that we cease to be amazed in His presence? I’ve been reading stories from Mumbai, India, this week as three teams of volunteers walked through the streets and slums, sharing the story of Jesus along the way. The volunteers told amazing stories of salvation, physical healing, and yes, even a couple of exorcisms – really miraculous stuff. (You can read those same stories at
Reading all of this has taken me back to my trip to India last year when I saw a crippled woman stand up straight. I didn’t know what to think then. I’m not sure I can even make sense of it now. But I know what I saw.
But the question remains: Why don’t we see stuff like this in the U.S. – a “Christian nation” or at least a country once founded on Christian principles. Perhaps Matthew 13:57-58 provides a clue. Perhaps as a nation, and especially as the American church, we have become too familiar and comfortable with how we’ve seen God work through science and technology to believe that He might be willing to step outside of the box we’ve created for Him to speak to a people who desperately need to witness His power.
Are we, by our lack of faith, quenching His Spirit from working in our lives and the lives of those around us? If so, shame on us, and may God, in his mercy, give us a new revelation of who He is and all that He wants to be in our lives.
Stand amazed in His presence.

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